What We Do

The mission of the American Phoenix Foundation is to protect the American Republic through ethical, innovative, and technologically driven journalism.

The goal of the foundation is to recruit and train select young potential leaders to transcend the traditional media by becoming independent truth-seeking journalists who relentlessly pursue truth with courage and creativity.

These journalists will be educated on the tools, resolve, morals, and ethics needed to not only discover the truth, but effectively and efficiently communicate it in a nonpartisan manner to the American public.

Recent Projects

Morris NorthStar Staff Training

The nationally award-winning staff of the NorthStar has said that our training helped them grow in circulation, finances, and driver of campus discussion.

Higher-Ed Investigations  

Our team has been going through scores of documents in order to uncover the unreported and underreported scandals in higher education where corruption and extreme waste runs rampant.

College Student Training

Phoenix has trained hundreds in various media skills over the past year, including our celebrated Phoenix Fellows. We offer 32 different workshops in order to help train those interested in becoming more effective journalists.

Interviews Project

We've spent a year documenting great stories of great Americans who went unnoticed by the mainstream media. We're excited to release these interviews in the upcoming months.